Customized Resources

Customized Resources


Are you overwhelmed by all the information available for social anxiety and/or public speaking fear?

Don’t know what resources you need or how to search for them?

Save yourself hours of time by letting me guide you to the right solution for you, which may be local or online. This is an individually customized experience, based on your anxiety and your circumstances.

This is the process:


  • Schedule a 20 minute phone call to discuss the options available.


Then, I will do the research, including input from anxiety specialists I have connections within numerous locations.

I’ll send you:

  • A comprehensive email summarizing our conversation
  • Information, links and worksheets customized to your specific needs

Please note: This service is for individuals 18 and over.


Do you have a loved one struggling with social anxiety and/or public speaking fear?

Not sure how to support them and find resources for them?

The process is the same as above. If you have a loved one age 13 or older, please complete this confidential form and we will review options specific to his/her situation and location.


Want more details of how my Customized Resources service works?⁣⁣

It’s my honor to help you find resources close to where you live. Currently this service is only for locations in the US. ⁣⁣

Pending which service you choose (basic or advanced), it may take more or less time. The advanced service usually takes about 10 business days.

The process is started by contacting many social and speaking anxiety specialists through my LinkedIn profile and any other means accessible close to your location, including community support systems. ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

I am a mom and a therapist, who is seeking help for my 18-year-old daughter living at college, who suffers from social anxiety. She does not have a social life or any friends.

Marla Genova immediately sent me helpful information in our area. Marla helped me identify key resources specifically for my daughter’s needs, feel that she is not alone and she can feel better about herself.

I would like to express my gratitude to Marla for validating that anxiety recovery is possible by sharing her experiences, strength, and her maintenance of growth. I am hopeful now, thanks to Marla.

-Susan B., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My mission to guide others and their loved ones to local and online resources is based on my personal experience: Marla’s Story. I wish there were easily accessible support services available when I was at the height of my social anxiety.

I’ve been researching this issue for 20 years in my personal and professional life, and I’ve worked with hundreds of others with social anxiety and/or public speaking fear. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, benefit from the knowledge I’ve accumulated through my research and work.  

Everyone has different types of social anxiety (generalized, performance only, or both) and it affects their daily lives in multiple ways, even if they’re masking it well to their loved ones and/or the outside world. I’ve learned what helps and hinders individuals with a variety of circumstances and want to share these insights with you.

Marla Genova and I had a call together, she was so understanding and non-judgmental that I felt like I was talking to a friend. We spoke about a social situation that I had coming up the following day, and immediately after our call, she sent me lots of resources to help me prepare for that.

She checked in on me about how the event went and again a few days later, after she sent me even more resources and avenues.

We (those with social anxiety) have a hard time connecting with new people because we always feel judged, and I never once felt that way with Marla. I cannot thank her enough for being there when I needed direction.

~ Jerry Frawley, Age 41, Corporate Manager

You continue to amaze me Marla… you’re creating this beautiful and powerful wave of interest, hope and acceptance; a name for Social Anxiety in the community.
Kim C.