Local Groups

Local Groups

Connecticut Social Anxiety and Public Speaking Phobia Support Group, Central CT:

An excellent opportunity to meet new people that you can openly share your anxiety challenges with. Offer support and understanding and share your story with others. This is a judgement free and low-pressure environment.

If you prefer not to speak at all, no problem, just come and observe. Please do not let the fear that you will have to speak hold you back from attending. You can learn valuable information just from listening to others and realizing that you are not alone.

This group has been going strong for 12 years, over 300 meetings, with members driving over an hour to attend as there are no other resources like this near Connecticut.

Meetings run about 2 hours. There are 2 types of meetings, alternating between Regular Discussion Meetings (highly recommended to attend this one first) and Advanced Activities Meetings in which we do behavioral activities/exposures.

There is no commitment involved; attend as you are able.

On occasion, we do post events to go out and socialize.

Personal Development and Life Coaching, Central CT:

This group is for anyone interested in life coaching and personal development. You do not need to have any experience in either, just the desire for personal growth and motivation for yourself and others in the group. If you’re looking to think outside the box, figure out what your ideal life is and to take the steps to accomplish it, you’re in the right place.

While coaching professionals or those considering a coaching career are encouraged to join, anyone interested in personal development and growth opportunities is welcome to join and share ideas.

Connecticut Fearless Authentic Networkers

This group is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, network marketers, business owners, those looking to advance in your current occupation.

If you want to:

  • Share with others on a real level
  • Build relationships that blossom into genuine and meaningful connections
  • Create authentic referral systems

What if you’re an introvert, shy, have a fear of public speaking or have a touch of social anxiety and find it challenging?

Worried about “being seen” (in-person and online/videos), sharing your story, being too pushy?

This fun, hands-on, practical group will teach you through guest speakers, workshops, and discussion format meetings to share your challenges or fears and how to overcome them.

You’ll learn tips on how to “show up” in person as well as online. We are all about finding your tribe, building an audience you connect with, and being authentic while promoting yourself and your services/products.

Topics covered include:

  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Showing up and speaking up
  • How to sell services/products with authenticity
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Overcoming the New Level, New Devil anxiety when business starts booming
  • Staying away from Compare and Despair and the Imposter Syndrome
I always feel relief after speaking at a meeting so I’m going to try to force myself to speak more and share more ideas in finding ways to combat anxiety.