Online Group

Online Social Anxiety / Public Speaking Fear Group

We are starting our next online session in the spring of 2021 meeting via Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm Eastern Time.

The group consists of 6-10 members and will have a private “secret” Facebook group so that everyone can stay in touch between meetings. If you don’t have Facebook or prefer another platform, we can work that out, such as doing group email exchanges.

What Will We Do?

We’ll focus on materials and worksheets I provide for each meeting. You’ll learn how to recognize and eliminate negative, irrational thoughts to lessen your anxiety at social situations and/or public speaking events.

Group activities are encouraged, pending your comfort level, to progress gradually at a comfortable pace. They will consist of:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Having a conversation with another member as the group listens
  • Answering impromptu questions
  • Reading aloud to the group

Your suggestions are always welcome.

You’ll never be forced to participate. We can all relate and are very supportive of one another.

A large component of this group is setting goals and accountability. Each meeting, you’ll be asked to share what your goals are for the upcoming weeks (pro-activity report) and to share what you’ve accomplished (progress reports) in the weeks prior.

You’ll have opportunities to discuss any situations past or present that you’d like feedback on, or any upcoming events that you want guidance for. Connect and support one another during and between the meetings.

Laughter is important too. We can talk about the dreaded phone calls and leaving voicemails. Other popular topics are getting a haircut and feeling trapped by the cape and the hair dresser that wants to gossip and grocery shopping – not getting items when you’re overwhelmed by too many people. You’ll laugh together and learn how to change these perceptions into much lighter viewpoints.

Aside from the private Facebook group, you’ll  also be encouraged to partner up with another member to hold each other accountable.

Note: This group is for ages 18 and over.

Zoom video is optional. You don’t have to be visible to join the meetings. Please don’t worry about being the center of attention, that’s mostly on me ; ) I’ll be sharing my screen to go over worksheets too.

To get started, please complete this contact form.

Anyone truly seeking recovery and healing will benefit from this group.