Workshops on Social Anxiety and Public Speaking Phobia are my specialties.

My current Getting Over Stage Fright workshop is held in Connecticut a few times a year.

Interested in me hosting a workshop in your area?

My ideal group size is between 8-12 participants. Anything less or more doesn’t have the powerful effect of individualized attention in a realistic environment. Each participant goes through the process of learning new ways to manage anticipatory anxiety, anxiety while speaking, and the aftermath of the possible “beat-up” cycle of negative thoughts: would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.

I’ve been a part of the magic of dozens of workshops, there’s nothing like seeing a complete transformation and bonding experience in such a short period of time.

I also provide Personal Development workshops on topics of:

  • Life Transitions
  • Self-discovery
  • Creating new empowering thought patterns
  • Empathy, self-confidence and self-compassion
  • Vulnerability such as sharing your story

I am open to other ideas and collaborating with others! Contact me.

This is a great eye opener. It brings out important thoughts buried within.
Bob S.