Getting Over Stage Fright

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop

If you’ve had enough of the anxiety and avoidance behaviors from the fear of public speaking and/or performing, then this 2-day Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop is for you!

The workshop is a safe and supportive group environment with lots of support and camaraderie, in addition to a variety of hands-on exercises to apply what you’re learning in real time.

2022 Workshop Dates: 

Dates will be listed here once they are scheduled.

Email me to receive a list of references you can immediately email to ask about their experience with the workshop.

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The Connecticut workshops are held at the Heritage Hotel and Conference Center in Southbury, Connecticut from 9 am – 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Connecticut workshops are $775. Payment plans are available. 

Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied after attending the first day of the workshop, you will get a full refund of your tuition.

Cancellation policy for Getting Over Stage Fright Workshops:

Please note that you may transfer your registration to another workshop or coaching sessions within a year and the cancellation fees below will be reduced by $50.00. If you prefer a refund, the refund request will be honored according to the following time frames:

  • Two weeks or more prior to the workshop: $150 cancellation fee
  • For the last two weeks prior to the workshop (up to 48 hours prior to the workshop): $200 cancellation fee
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled workshop: $300 cancellation fee
  • There is no refund or credit for “no-shows” the day of the workshop.

Many have traveled across the country consistently and some have voyaged from abroad (so far, the furthest distance being South Africa).

This workshop has been going strong for 20+ years and has been attended by 1,000+ people. The founder, Janet Esposito, has written 2 books and created a CD with meditation, power statements, and more, specific to the fear of public speaking and performing.

There’s an average of 8-12 people in each group. Your confidentiality is strictly maintained. Sharing your story is a big part of the healing experience and often times, the first time you’ll openly speak to a group of others that truly relate.

Questions that are usually asked before attending include:

  • What “kind of people” attend these workshops?
  • Why would I fly across the country instead of going to my local Toastmasters Club?
  • How do I know if this will work? I’ve been speaking and I still have lots of anxiety.
  • You have testimonials, but what other evidence of outcomes do you have?

Explore these answers:

The workshop is distinct from other programs in its exclusive focus the fear and anxiety associated with speaking, rather than on teaching specific presentation skills, such as those at Toastmasters’ clubs or Dale Carnegie courses. The shift occurs when your perspective changes and you have the opportunity to practice new tools in a supportive environment.

You won’t be forced or pressured to do all of the speaking or performing exercises, though you’ll be fully supported and encouraged to give it your best.

Are you a performer or a musician? The same tools and exercises are used.

Do you have social anxiety? This helps with both generalized and performance based anxiety. Group members over the past 22 years have consistently spoken of this experience as extremely empowering and life-changing, providing them with a strong foundation that has led to much success, personally and professionally.

Your life will take on a new meaning of freedom, fearlessness, success and confidence. I have experienced it for myself and witnessed it for hundreds of others.

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Sharing experiences and grow with like-minded others and not feel so alone
  • Learning ways to calm your physical symptoms and empower your mindset
  • Hands-on group coaching and discussions before and after each exercise
  • Lessen your anticipatory anxiety prior to public speaking and performing events
  • After the workshop, you’ll have 2 follow up group coaching calls (1 and 3 months later) and receive continuous support, connection, and accountability from your newfound kindred spirits/group members.

How much is your anxiety and self-doubt costing you now? Holding you back from promotions? From leading your ideal life?

The alternative to this workshop is likely 4-6 months of weekly exercises, making very slow progress, on a one-to-one basis with a mental health professional that can’t relate to your fear. Instead, you’ll have me and all the group members who will understand, inspire and motivate you while you are practicing your new tools together. This intensity of the experience simply cannot be created elsewhere. Seats fill up quickly due to the limited number of attendees.

There is no risk to sign up. Get a full money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with your experience by the end of the first day. That’s how amazing this workshop is!

I’m encouraging you to come and see for yourself how your future life decisions will come from a mindset of choice rather than avoidance.

You were a fantastic facilitator. Your feedback was insightful and motivating. The workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Monica K.