Marla’s Approach

Marla’s Approach

Face your fears, they say, that’s how you get over them. But what if you have, over and over again, and still encounter the same anxiety that limits your life?

I’ve been there and occasionally still get stuck down in the rabbit hole. That’s why I’ve been collecting an ever-expanding toolbox, including a coach.

If you experience chronic anxiety when it comes to social and speaking anxiety, I’ll help you see outside of your tunnel vision of fear. I’ll show you the power of perspective, and share other techniques that changed my life.

With me, you’ll learn how to:

  • Change your mindset
  • Recognize automatic negative thoughts
  • Accept fear instead of fighting it
  • Speak more kindly to yourself

Together, we’ll create action plans to gradually face and accept your fears. I’ll support you and hold you accountable when you’re ready to implement these plans.

I’ve been researching this type of anxiety for 20 years in my personal and professional life, and I’ve worked with hundreds of others with social anxiety and/or public speaking fear.

Everyone has different types of social anxiety (generalized, performance only, or both) and it affects their daily lives in multiple ways, even if they’re masking it well to their loved ones and/or the outside world. I’ve learned what helps and hinders individuals with a variety of circumstances and want to share these insights with you.

Are you overwhelmed by all the information available for social anxiety and/or public speaking fear?

Don’t know what resources you need or where to begin?

Save yourself hours of time by letting me guide you to the right solution for you, which will be a combination of resources local to you, online resources, and worksheets.

Do you have a loved one struggling with social anxiety and/or public speaking fear? Not sure how to support and/or find resources for them?

It’s similar to the process above. I’ll help you comfort and encourage your loved one.

Why choose me to guide you on this journey?

Take it from someone who truly understands what you’re going through, who has lived it, and has seen hundreds of others overcome their fears to lead a much more fulfilling life.

Your specific needs will be met, you won’t be judged and you will certainly not feel alone anymore. The healing experience of sharing is crucial for your progress.

I have the unique combination of my own personal anxiety experience, an academic and professional background in mental health, in addition to being an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Master Coach.

Most importantly, I have the passion, dedication, and motivation to guide you with this challenge.

With the cognitive reinforcement and behavioral strategies (CBT) I learned, I am now able to go to graduate school, and will be presenting and networking.
Doug, CT