What Are Your Safety Behaviors? – What Will Be Your First Step?

I’d like to share one of my first steps with you. My “safety behavior” used to be getting to the work conference room early in order to grab a seat right next to the door.


I used to worry that I would be called upon to speak and have a panic attack during a work meeting. I needed to sit as close to the door as possible for the “quickest escape”.


It turns out that I am not alone in what I used to do. I also did that in classrooms for many years.




Can you relate?


What are some of your safety behaviors?


What are you willing to let go of as a first step?


Not sure? Sometimes, it is simply the awareness of what you are doing. At your next big event, notice the moments leading up to it that cause you anxiety. They can be very revealing in showing you what your safety behaviors are.


It took me nearly 10 years to realize, then stop this behavior. Now, it doesn’t even cross my mind!


Take it from me, you don’t want to wait that long! Giving up behaviors like that felt so freeing. I realized that I could trust in myself, that I can handle any situation.


Everyone’s idea of a first step is not the same. What a first step may mean to you may be someone else’s finish line!

Whether you are starting off by gradually asking a few questions during a meeting or ready to go all in and give a speech, you have to start somewhere.


You will be amazed how much better you will feel once you start taking action.


The time is now!
Are you ready to take a BIG first step?


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