Using Fear As Our Protector – How to Take Action NOW

What if you didn’t wait until that presentation or performance comes up unexpectedly and decided to get ahead of it NOW so that you wouldn’t be living in constant anticipation of “When am I going to have to present or perform? How can I get out of it again?”

Most people spend their lives reacting to situations rather than creating them, and this is often due to procrastination. Rather than go into the uncharted territory of what we are truly capable of, we stay attached to our comfort level and choose to play it safe.

The human brain seeks pleasure and avoids pain. There are ways to free yourself from living in reactive mode; think about your future instead of thinking about your past.

Consider what has been preventing you from taking action to overcome your challenge of public speaking or performing. If we continue to live with this fear, we’re bound to feel unfulfilled and unable to follow our dreams. This creates damaging self-limiting beliefs for our future.

If we choose to focus our energy into being proactive and facing our fears, we find that fear loses much of its power. When you change your viewpoint about your ability to overcome challenges, you will feel much more empowered. Like so much in life, changing our perspective is both a choice and a practice.

You can begin by attending the Getting Over Stage Fright workshop. There are a couple seats left for the January 20-21, 2018 workshop.

How much less anxiety would you have on a daily basis knowing that you have tools to use instead of anticipating going into crisis mode at any given moment? Think about how much your confidence would improve when you know that you are capable of handling these situations much better than ever before.

In a previous blog post, Using Fear as Our Protector, Janet gives tremendous insight about how our fear confines us and how to open ourselves up to creating new ways of thinking about fear.

Excerpt from Janet’s blog:

“Consider ways that you may use your fear to constrict your life so you feel safer and more protected, so you don’t have to take as many risks, and so you don’t have to feel so uncomfortable.

Consider what you stand to lose as you “play it safe” in the area of public speaking and performing (and in any other areas of your life where fear holds a strong grip). Consider what it will take for you to not “use” your fear as your protector and what you stand to gain as you move towards the fullest expression of yourself and your potential”.